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Kareila Cross 1.0

Октябрь 20th, 2010

KittX has released Kareila Cross for rFactor, bringing a very impressive looking fantasy rally/rally-cross track to the simulation.Located in the landscape of Kareila, Russia, the scratch-made track has been inspired by a track in Bugbear’s Rally Trophy title, the track is optimized for DirectX 9 usage to make most of all the details.

Download Kareila Cross 1.0

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Brno 1.2

Ноябрь 7th, 2009

[dd]Baule has released an improved version of his Brno for rFactor conversion, equipping the track with new textures, improved shadows and plenty of other fixes as listed below.


- new textures for trees and grass
- fixed some flickering trees
- fixed AI not slowing down before entering the pitlane
- improved shadows
- gravel pits now have more realistic resistance
- moved the timing-objects in the right position
- followed Niels_at_Home’s plea and changed the relevant *.tdf-values
- made a new installer, finally including all GTR2 versions (Thanks go to CoDan!)
- fixed some minor issues




Download Brno 1.2

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Hungaroring 2009

Август 7th, 2009

6e66o & LMT have released the 2009 version of the Hungaroring for rFactor, giving the Hungarian Grand Prix venue a major overhaul.




Hungaroring 2009

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Donington Park 1.0 rFactor

Июль 12th, 2009

[dd]Baule has released an rFactor version of Donington Park, bringing the former (and future) British Grand Prix venue from Simbin’s GTR2 to the simulation




Download Donington Park 1.0

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