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rFactor FIA GT1 2010

Июнь 13th, 2010

RSN TC 2010 Monza

Апрель 29th, 2010

Тест мода на трассе Монца

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Brno 1.2

Ноябрь 7th, 2009

[dd]Baule has released an improved version of his Brno for rFactor conversion, equipping the track with new textures, improved shadows and plenty of other fixes as listed below.


- new textures for trees and grass
- fixed some flickering trees
- fixed AI not slowing down before entering the pitlane
- improved shadows
- gravel pits now have more realistic resistance
- moved the timing-objects in the right position
- followed Niels_at_Home’s plea and changed the relevant *.tdf-values
- made a new installer, finally including all GTR2 versions (Thanks go to CoDan!)
- fixed some minor issues




Download Brno 1.2

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Renault Clio Cup 2008 1.0

Ноябрь 7th, 2009

Tomaz Stravs and eddy3spain have released their Renault Clio Cup 2008, bringing several Clio Cup seasons to rFactor.

The mod includes the 2006-2008 seasons of the Spanish Clio Cup as well as the 2008 seasons of the French and Slovenian series. The mod is fully Real-Feel compatible and comes with paint-able dash and helmet textures.



Download Renault Clio Cup 2008 1.0

Download Renault Clio Cup 2008 1.0

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